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The 1772 Philadelphia Furniture Price book


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This book was posted yesterday in Lost Art Press' Open Wire on April 27, 2024 from the Internet Archive with current introduction.


If you are interested in Federal Architecture, you will need furniture and this gives you an idea of the cost in 1772 and hours for wages.

Strangely, I'm adverse to reading books online, so I will print and read. 

I think this is a nice resource and find the descriptions and details to be of interest.  The Scale Cabinetmaker clearly earn their living; you only need to take a class and do the joinery, assembly and finish to understand why Collectors pay for the Artisan's pieces.

From Wikipedia, 

"Federal-style architecture is the name for the classical architecture built in the United States following the American Revolution between c. 1780 and 1830, and particularly from 1785 to 1815, which was influenced heavily by the works of Andrea Palladio with several innovations on Palladian architecture by Thomas Jefferson and his contemporaries. Jefferson's Monticello estate and several federal government buildings, including the White House, are among the most prominent examples of buildings constructed in Federal style."






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