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Georgian bedside commode

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This year I want to try and make a few furniture pieces for my Cape Dutch home, so when I was asked to submit proposal pieces to teach later this year, I decided to make pieces that I want for myself and that I thought would appeal to the prospective students too. Since I am busy with the bedroom for my house I decided to make a bedside table, in my search I came across this beautiful little Georgian commode that I think will work well with the other furniture I have planned for this room.

It isn't quite finished yet but I thought I would show you my progress so far.

Here are some of the pieces, the construction isn't difficult but this piece abounds with many little details that requires careful thought in execution.


This is as far as I am now, still need to cut the rest of the drawer pieces, the doors and the top.


One of the features that I love on this piece is how the drawer works with part of the legs attached to the drawer.


And here is the original that inspired my miniature version, it has been sold since I found it and on my iPad I can't see all the photos anymore, not sure if it works different on a computer.


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Bill Hudson

Elga,  I really like this piece with its seemed simplicity but hidden element.  It took me a while to understand, what I thought was, the  strange method of construction. As I am guessing, the bottom pulls out to make a seat for the chamber pot (thunder mug  :) ) What wood are you using?

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This is a great piece Elga. I looked at the link and I can see why this was so inspiring. You are doing an incredible job as always and it will make for a very interesting class---

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Wm. R. Robertson

Great piece…. I keep looking for a real one to put next to my bed. If I find one i'll put a lamp on it instead of a pot in it…… I like using old stuff but this would be taking that too far.


I know mopane is fun to work in and it will give such a rich finish when done. Where are you thinking about teaching this class?

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Some times I am very glad we can enjoy the best of two worlds, modern convenience coupled with beautiful furniture and accessories from the past, hope you find one for your bedroom.

It will be for our South African convention and I plan on using cherry for the class, I am busy making one in cherry too.

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