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Looking for a glass blower who makes stemware

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I have an old set of Ferenc Albert cotton stem goblets with a white twist. Unfortunately, one got broken so I'm hoping to find an artist who can create a replacement.

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On April 23, 2024, there are 32 items listed on eBay by Ferenc Albert.  It might be easier to call around in the US and ask estate sellers if they have the piece you are missing.  I suggest emailing miniature websites with a photo of the item not broken and a ruler for the height and perhaps foot of the goblet.    It may be easier to call or email for the missing goblet vs. finding some to recreate the goblet.  I've been watching blown away on Netflix since the series aired and it is fascinating to watch glass blowers, but each glass blower has their own style, so I think it will require a very experienced miniature glass blower to re-produce the item.  Artists may not want to produce another artisan's item, so replacements by someone's else's artistry may be challenging.

It is fun to treasure hunt for miniatures... over the years, I think everything has been listed on the online auction sites... my husband even found a  Scale of Twelve Dovetail jig listed many years ago, and I thought I would never find that one.

I hope other Fine Miniatures Forum readers will have Estate seller resources and can add to your search options.


Good Luck!





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