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Artist Business Institute's blog with lots of tips

Wm. R. Robertson

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Here is a organization that teaches artist to be successful business people..... Their blog is loaded with tips on subjects like, pre show contact with customers, make a better website, draw more traffic to your site, etc. etc......And lots of artist profiles.


One thing that has been pointed out recently is on average most miniaturists web sites, show set ups, artists statements, etc. are not nearly as professional in appearance as they are in a lot of other art forms..... A lot of our presentation looks like a bunch of cute dollhouse junk..... If we are going to try to convince people this is an art we have to do better. Therefor reading stuff like this can't hurt.

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Nice!!  Thanks for posting Bill!!  I was able to look a t a few posts and signed up for updates....nice formate, clean layout and really good info...


- Darren





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