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Hello from Portugal

Luis Pita

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I´m a 47 years old History teacher, archaeologist, and miniature maker from Portugal. I have always felt fascinated by miniatures since my childhood. After I graduated from colege, some 24 years ago  I started making functional scratch-built miniature canons, catapults, ballistas, crossbows, etc. For those miniatures to be as realistic as possible I spent many hours searching  for plans and references about their real dimensions on books, on Lisbon´s Military Museum and Archive, etc. My interest in making miniature muskets and pistols is recent and I got inspired by Bob Urso ´s book  ´The Tiniest Guns´ and Piccolo Miniature Gunworks site, the Wayne Driskill´s Miniature Firearms web page and the Miniature Gunsmithing Section of the Internet Craftsmanship Museum...there are such wonderful miniatures there... :) In August 2013  I started making a 1/25 dutch matchlock musket and later (in 2013/2014) I made the 3 pinfire pistols you can see in my Youtube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCezfF-FN19JXi_CwNNzksgg). My tools are extremely simple. I have only two little vises, two miniature Maxicraft drills (similar to Dremel), a miniature drill stand (also from Maxicraft), a manual drill, a jeweller saw, various types of files, some pliers and a riveting hammer... I don´t have any lathe, drill press, bench grinder, etc.

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Thank you Bill. I´ll post some photos of my miniatures soon. Unfortunately I don´t known Mr. Brito in person, but I have seen his beautiful carriages in a television show a few years ago... and I think they are really awesome!

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Hi Luis,

 my name is Bryan Anderson and I wanted to compliment you on some very fine miniature guns I saw on YouTube. I was hoping to talk to you more about it as I am a passionate collector and am very interested in your pieces. I also have some friends that would be willing to buy some of you were interested in making more. I would be willing to buy some of your work and would be very interested in talking with you more about it. I can guarantee you I can make it worth your time. You can reply to me here or email me at dubdodgeon26s@gmail.com

        Thanks very much


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