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Fixture Challenge --Cutoff machine


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I'm putting this in the Metal category because it is a metal cut-off machine. It does, in a round-about way, relate to miniatures because I cut a lot of metal for my work and my dedicated rotary tool for metal cutting is really taking a beating when I need to cut something big like a large bolt head or heavy steel (for full size repairs/ projects). I have lots of these (Dremels and one is Craftsman) but I like dedicated tools. I am WAY too lazy to be switching this and that, dragging things over here for this application etc...so when I saw plans (and I use the term loosely) for this cut-off tool in one of my Popular Mechanics Encyclopedias, I wanted to build one. The heart of the machine is a circular saw, which I just happened to have an extra, and old B&D from a dear friend who is no longer with us. The plans in these books are very ummm skimpy, just a couple pages with horrid B/W pics (from the '70's) I think I spent more time trying to decipher what they were saying than actually constructing. Anyhow, I spent nothing $ on this :) Junk is indeed your friend! Everything was laying around in my shop.


These pics are the frame. The saw is held vertical, nose down. 



This is the swinging work holder. You can see in the back where I put a cable tie on the switch to hold it in the on position. It will be run with a foot pedal.



Then you make a shield around it for sparks. I cut holes in the sides for long workpieces. There are two flaps with catches that hook on the angle iron to keep it closed. Nothing fancy here...



Close up. the flaps are open to show the work holder. I haven't got my abrasive cut off wheel yet, I have snow and tomorrow, ice....... I just put a 6 1/2" blade in it for a general idea of where everything goes. The real size is 7 1/4".

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Nice Job Linda.  This looks like a well thought out project. In our throw-away world now days it is encouraging to see someone make something very useful out of what many people would perhaps just discard.  I'm sure this is going to be a handy cut-off machine for you. Thanks for sharing this.

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Thank you for the comment Bob. I throw away nothing! My motto is "junk is your friend". Because it never is junk, just good stuff that I will always find a use for. Today I bought the metal cutting wheel, a whopping $4. 50 -ish. That is my outlay! And truth be told I did spent <$10.00 for the angle iron because the stuff I had was way too big, thick, and heavy. So I have this machine for under $15.00 :) And I got the whole set of Popular Mechanics Encyclopedias plus 3 yearbooks for 5 bucks! Even if the plans do suck.......way fun, thanks again---


ps the ice storm seems to have missed me by inches! I finally got out. 

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