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My very very early metalwork minis.

Bill Hudson

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Found these in an envelope in some of my mom's keep sakes.  We moved to Oregon in 1945 and lived about fifteen miles from town up in the woods. I was about 14 then. We did not have much money for frills and I needed to keep my hands busy so I tore an old radio coil apart and made these little swords from bobby pins and the wire.  Kind of crude but I sold them at school and church to the girls to pin in their sweaters. They used to have copper foil shields hanging from the chain but they are gone. I got 25 cents apiece.  Might have made a couple of dollars in total (was a lot of money then). I filed some tweezer tips round to make the chain. I filed bobby pins to the shape of the blades (about an inch long).





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Wow I think they are excellent! How fun and nostalgic. And good money back then too. So cool to see your stuff from the early days, thanks for posting---

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