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The ultimate miniature model railroad and airport


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I'm sure many of you have seen the video of the miniature airport in Hamburg, DE...... Well they have a nice train set attached to it........

I really want to go see this sometime....... Last year I rode right past it but we didn't have time to stop...... Maybe this year....... Anyone want to go after Tune in July?


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I went there last week, it is amazing..... I'll have to post some pictures when I get to my computer.

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I now have all the pictures from the trip downloaded… but where to start. This place was just so cool….. it was on 3 floors of a huge warehouse and they had it set up so you could see it all, the shops, control center, areas under construction… everything. Also being typical German with a interest in detail their web site predicts the expected wait time per hour based on weather, day of the wee, traffic, etc…. all I can say is go early, the later it gets the more people, heat, noise, etc.


Lets start with the shops… maybe 20 work stations with every hobby tool you have ever seen….






One thing I didn't see was a stock room, these folks have to be the best customers for some of the makers of miniature vehicles and figures…… here was a display of just emergency vehicles….. who knew there was so many different types?




The first area you come to teaches you about what you are going to see, one example is this stage from a outdoor rock concert, lots of lights, animated people and effects, smoke, etc…… this is about a foot wide….. so now picture hundreds of square feet of this stuff, maybe thousands?







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The next are was a feet square section of a town, well what started off to be a town…… it starts with early settlers, maybe cave men? and with maybe 20 different models brings it up throughout the ages. This was neat to see the cathedral being built and being the biggest thing around to a time when modern buildings appear all around it. Here was the scene during WWII




Another microcosm was this street corner in Berlin throughout the 20th century showing a thriving city, the rubble left over from the war, the division between east and west, the wall going up, life on each side and so on. Here is the day the wall came came down.




More later….

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Well, Google Maps went and took it a step further and sent in a scale car to take street view photos of this whole miniarure world, lots of links to follow in this article, which I don't have time for now but if you do...have fun!


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