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The Internet Craftsmanship Museum


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The late Joe Martin of Sherline lathe and mill fame realized that there are thousands of modelers scattered all over the world spending countless hour creating wonderful things that almost no one ever gets to see. He created The Internet Craftsmanship Museum to show these works to the world and recently opened the Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum in Carlsbad, Ca. where many of these pieces have found a permeant home.


While this is mostly "guys" stuff, engines, car, airplanes, etc the workmanship is spectacular and can be admired by all.




here is the full artist index




and you will see the forum's own Wm. R. Robertson is listed




Later he'll share some things from some of these guys shops since he knows a few of them. He even got to "play" with Lou Chenot's 1/6th scale Duesenberg!

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This is mean, you put up mesmerizing sites that suck you in.... super stuff on there! Intimidated by the 'intimidator' made by Gare Maxton... blow away with Iqbal Ahmed Mercedes... etc...

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