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Current builds anyone??


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Just wondering if anyone is doing a current build of furniture, dollhouse, anything??

 I’m not on here everyday or even every month but just doesn’t seem like there’s much going on, on this forum.

 The closest project I’m building is a scale river boat.  No furniture lately but just wanted to see some new builds of things people are doing here.

 Seems strange not to see much activity on here.   Just curious.  Seems like a nice forum to belong to but thought I would see more current builds of different miniatures here.


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I am working on a brass bed - it requires some thinking without buying a CNC mill.

I am to the final 3 borders of my petitpoint rug.  It measures 9 .125" x 11.25" on 40 count silk gauze.  Lets say it is about 75% complete, and I hope to have it finished this year.

I am sadly not attending Guild School this year, so I will likely pretend to build something that week, so I could work on the French build with the slump glass windows or I have a Whitledge Burgess Roombox kit (Bond Street) that I could play with... but the floors have to be done first, and that seems to slow me down... wish they had a saw stop mechanism for my miniature preac table saw.  I just watched a YouTube video tonite that they Consumer Product Division in the US is likely going to require safety mechanisms on table saws in the future.  The Sawstop patents are going to run out.  In the interim, I've been looking at hand saws with new 'eyes' to see if going backward will preserve my fingers.  You can still take a finger off with a mini table saw, and I can't figure out how to put a riving accessory on a preac, and that is my most accurate saw for cutting wood floors.

I ordered a bunch of moldings for windows for a Lawbre Shadow Cliff shell....the windows are a weird size and the normal windows are too short or too tall... but  first things first, have to gather courage to cut micro thin glass... we have had a discussion on that many years ago in the forum, and I just placed my order - so it is taking a while to gather my courage.

That's what is on my bench at the present time...

Is anyone else working on miniatures?



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