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challenge-log mills-band saw and table saw


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This challenge is right up my alley! I love building jigs, fixtures and tools. Ever since I brought home the little cherry tree that my neighbor cut down (so sad) I realized I could mill down my own little boards. The first log mill I dreamed up was in 1993 for the table saw. This is the front. Two nails filed to points pinch the piece of log. The blocks slide to accommodate how ever big your log is. It rides in the miter slot.




This is the back. The fence slides to cut off a new piece. This isn't accurate to get uniform pieces but it'll re-saw for you :) plus it was a long time ago...




And here it is with a log ready to be cut. This is the cherry tree.






Fast forward to nowadays, and I made this log mill for my band saw. My dedicated re-saw band saw is wonderful old Shopmaster 1940's saw. Highland Woodworking custom made me a "Woodslicer" blade for it. I love this company. I also love old tools. This saw is in good company, I have a 1937 Walker Turner scroll saw, a '50's Craftsman scroll saw. Anyhow this mill also rides in the miter slot. Here is the front and back. I put a series of holes to accommodate the log size and put a non slip grip. Then you can tighten it down. The back shows the sliding fence.




This picture shows it mounted on the saw, and then with the log in place.




The idea here is to get two square sides to run along your re-saw fence on the saw. 




And last, here it is cutting the log down. This one gives you the same thickness, no re-adjusting like the old one.


















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Very nice!..... It is funny the evolution of fixtures you make.... Just about the time you finish the fixture and are about to try it out for the first time you think of improvements....... At least that is the way it is with me...... We are just never done, huh?

Anyway, I really like the way on your improved version that you can hold the ends cut at an angle.... I might have to steal that idea sometime.

Thanks for taking up the challenge!

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The sled is great, maybe some time in the future you could try out a jointer for your starting flat side, thanks for sharing your idea.

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I used have a machine called a Rockwell Uni-Plane, it was sort of like vertical jointer....... But safe for small parts, they used to say you plane match sticks on it. Anyway it was perfect for taking those first squaring cuts on odd shaped stuff like logs. Anyway after years of it taking space in the shop and almost never using it I sold it.

So if someone was going to cut a bunch of little logs like things I would look into getting one.


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Bill I would be totally honored if you "stole" an idea from me :)


Oh I would have killed to have that little baby jointer! 


In order to get the little a boards uniform thickness, and never knowing such a mini planer existed, I  built a full size thickness sander (from plans I found on the net). I also built the little sander in Scale Cabinetmaker that uses a tapered sanding disc. If it's ok, I'll put pictures here even though they are machines, not jigs.


My home made thickness sander:




This is the TSC sander, looking straight down as a little board is pushed through being edge jointed:




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