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Fixture for gluing flooring

Wm. R. Robertson

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I made this about 30 years ago when I built Twin Manors..... There I had a lot of flooring to lay down but even now it is the easiest way to lay floor without all that pressure on your finger tips. The hardest part is lifting the parts on to the workbench.... But since it is made in sections no single piece is that heavy.

What we have here is a very heavy trolley that you roll over the glued flooring..... Most glues dry by a time pressure ratio.... Increase the pressure and it decreases the time..... Hence lots of weight equals lots of pressure. But how do you move all this weight without killing your back?....... Simple..... Roll it on ball bearings!...... So I took some salvage ball bearing conveyer rollers and mounted them between two pieces of angle iron, this whole thing floats or twists allowing the rollers to always be in contact with the surface..... Then laid some steel plates across them and a stack of 50 pound lead bars...... So we have about 175 pounds that can easily be rolled with one hand!

Now to keep the cracks between boards even I screw a strip of aluminum with a row of screws so I can adjust the side pressure. So I don't have to use super long screws I lay a bunch of spacers a little thinner than my flooring.... And of course these will want to buckle up when you tighten the screws so I clamp a few steel plates to hold them down.

This sure makes flooring a breeze......




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This is a great invention, maybe in your next challenge you could aim at the clamp as well, I like inventing clamps, wish I had some good pictures of my jigs to pass along.

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