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Challenge, Fixtures!

Wm. R. Robertson

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Time for another Challenge..... This time Fixtures or Jigs..... we all use them... Some are complex, some are nothing more than a piece of cardboard. ........ But they all save us time and allow us to things normal people would think are impossible.... The neat thing about fixtures is they sometimes take the thinking out of the work.... That way we can do something else like watch TV while the fixture does all the measuring....

So I challenge you to post a picture of something you made up to use.... However simple or complex.....

And a big thank you in advance to those that take up this and the last challenge!

I'll go first.... Look under Structures.

Ps. Please start a new topic for each fixture..... Maybe call it "Fixture" followed by what it is for..... Thanks

Btw.... I only took me a few minutes with my iPad to take the pictures, write my post and post it... Now back to glue more rows.....

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