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Victorian Bath Towel


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This last week I spent some time making a Victorian bath towel, after an internet search I based my towel on some antique examples I found on Ebay, Etsy and some other websites. The embroidery design was chosen from a book I have with original Victorian charts and the crochet edge was adapted from a 1910's booklet on edgings and borders that I found on the Antique Pattern Library website.


I was so eager to start that I never really thought about matching my threads to the curtain fabric and wallpaper that I plan on using in the bedroom where I want to put the little washstand, by a happy accident they fit perfectly :-)


I made the washstand from a very fine grained Douglas fir (called Oregon Pine in South Africa and some other countries) that I found at a local saw mill, the granite top is made from a Formica sample.


Mmh, now I have to make a second towel for the other side, I plan on mirror imaging the embroidery design.

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