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This forum is dedicated to high quality hand made fine scale miniatures in any form. Most of this is scratch built in 1/12th scale (1” to the foot) and not from kits. You will see that it is mostly devoted to the high end of the Dollhouse or Miniature hobby however there are sections at the bottom for fine craftsmanship of any subject. High quality does not always have to be expensive, even though it often is. It is about the fine Craftsmanship and adherence to scale that we are most interested in. You do not have to be a member of IGMA to join, it is open to all!

To get started just go to the upper right corner and click on the box "CREATE ACCOUNT" and follow the instructions, you will then get a email with a link to open the account and you will be ready to join in.

Here is a link to a help page that will answer a lot of questions of how the forum works. http://www.fineminiaturesforum.com/index.php?app=core&module=help

What this forum is not about is inexpensive commercially mass produced miniatures. What is allowed and not allowed on the forum? We expect everyone to stay on subject, no political, religious, or other kind of rants. No name calling, flaming or dirty jokes. Treat people with respect and the way you would want to be treated. It is OK to disagree with a point of view just do it nicely. What this forum is not is a individual sales platform for your latest etsy or ebay listing. If someone wants to buy something you have shown they may contact you through private messaging and what you transact is your business. It is OK to list links to sites especially in the Resources section. Now I think that covers what we don’t want... what we do want is anything else that deals with fine miniatures, work in progress, finished work (it is OK to show off!), questions about older work like who made this?, Tools, Resources, shows, auctions, classes, workshops, museums, etc. .... just look at the categories. It is also OK to talk about values and prices.

The information posted on this forum is the opinion of forum members and the I.G.M.A., it's members or forum members are not responsible for accuracy, safety of techniques or anything posted here. In other words use the information totally at your own risk.

Some people have asked if we plan to sell advertising or charge for this forum. There are no plans to do either, nor will we share your email or any other information. This is simply a place for miniaturists around the world to share information and enjoy.

Please post in the correct category! Look down the list and it should be apparent where something belongs. The moderators will move it if necessary. Please make post title clear! for example say “a question about who made this chair?” instead of “Does anybody know?” the clearer your title is the more likely interested people will read and respond. Thank You.

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These guidelines and goals for content are clear and concise. I appreciate the thought and effort put into their establishment.

I believe it is important for all to understand that this is a site for FINE MINIATURES, and that has been clearly stated. I look forward to following this forum!

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