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An Antique Double Dial Dial Caliper


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As many of you know I tend to live a little in the past, in striving for all forms of information one of the best examples is to study the tools of the past. I have learned so much about how a lot of the works we we copy in miniature were made from studying the tools that made them. 


Here was a interesting dial caliper I came across, it has two dials, one for inches and one for metric, wouldn't it be neat to have one that had a dial for 1/12th scale inches?????? Anyway this was made in Germany in 1907……. it has two separate gear trains unlike the modern version that has a single dial with two hands……..


What a fun thing to play with…..









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I will admit when I "come across" old tools of interest I often end up owning them such as in this case. After doing this for nearly 40 years I have put together a very nice collection, even occasionally lending items to museums like the Smithsonian.

If there is interest here I could share more of them here? ......... And if folks have old tools that they have no idea what they are I'm sure I could help identify them, just post a picture.

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Now how did I miss this post about calipers?   Beautiful example of dial calipers and my friends from the UK in my unimat forum had mentioned tools in imperial and metric.. this is a lovely find.

Yes!  Please post pictures ... 








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