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Hello from Connecticut!

Teresa layman

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Hello everyone,

This is very exciting for me, I may be inching towards the 21st century! I've never been on a forum before, but I have been reading lots of the postings and I am so thrilled to find a place in the world where there is so much wonderful knowledge of fine miniatures!


I am an IGMA Fellow in the category of needlework, but I am eager to learn so much more, and it seems this is the place to be.




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Welcome to the Forum Teresa, it is great to see you here on the forum... just like French knots, where practice makes perfect; if you practice at this forum stuff it gets easier.


I saw your progress photos tonite on your website of the Masterpiece, and enjoyed seeing it again.  It is an exquisite piece of needlework!  I really liked your comment, that you had about 100 hours to go, and so wanted to be finished.


I also saw some new designs.  Fun stuff!


Tamra / Indiana

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