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Someone want to report on the show in Dedham, Mass. Weekend?

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I know Bonni and Elizabeth said they were going to the Handcrafters in Miniature Show in Dedham, mass this weekend.... How about some pictures and tell us what we are missing!


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Sorry for the delay, it was a conspiracy between my non-functioning Photoshop CS5 and the after effects of back to back show weekends. I've solved the Photoshop issue by subscribing to Creative Cloud for $10/month, I use Photoshop so much it's worth it to have the latest and greatest version. As for me, I'm slowly rebounding.


It was a good show. I didn't ask about attendance, but it seemed at least as good as the spring show. Most of the dealers I spoke to had good sales, in spite of the hotel losing its router plus an electrical failure that left half the room dark for an hour, while the electrician scrambled to fix it. Fortunately for me as a Square user, someone had an unlocked wifi connection I could use. 


A few dealers had a bad day, but you just never know what the shoppers will want. 


I've already sent my contract in for the spring show, March 8, 2015. Sue Kryzsko and Carol Block do a great job running the show, including providing coffee and donuts during the setup and free lunches for the dealers, including home baked cookies. 


There were several classes on Saturday as usual.


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Pete Boorum

Another good event for us.  Always the first and last show of the year.  Elizabeth and I are discussing equipment needs for Guild School 2015.  As a first year teacher, as well as a tool team member, she has a added a different set of concerns.  Never too early to start thinking about this.

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