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challenge, my chipmunk and cat


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That is the cutest baby chipmunk , Great job. I would even let him live in my stone wall outside...... The real one are not aloud because they do too much damage. I always say they can stay if they'll just put a good check for about 20K in the mail box.

So, what is you process to make these? Sculpted? Carved? Fur covered?

Thanks for taking up the challenge.

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Thank you Elga and Bill :) 

They are woodcarvings. I carve every detail, then I have to carefully sand them, then I paint them. Even with the shading because it helps me to then fur the way I've painted them. They are furred with natural fiber, little bits at a time argh!


haha Bill I say the same thing to critters living and being destructive to my property, pay me rent! Then you can stay....


Just yesterday I was walking in my yard and there are so many moles tunneling  underneath my feet I can hear them squeaking (as I sink into the mushy ground.....)! It's as though they are saying "hey get off you're caving in my house!" And I then said "hey get out or pay me rent!"

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