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Miniature Furniture


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Here is a cherry folding table with a drawer, this was my second attempt at building a piece of furniture in miniature in 1/12th scale.

Cherry Table 1.jpg

Cherry Table with Drawer.jpg

Cherry Top.jpg

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Details look good...  I love the knots in the wood. 

How did you finish the table?

Are you putting your furniture in a scene, or making it for someone in your family?

(sorry for the delay;  many of our regular posters at the Fine Miniatures Forum were at Guild School this past week. )


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Finished the table with clear poly semi gloss.  400 sandpaper between coats and there’s 3-4 coats.  I spray my miniatures with an airbrush when ever possible.  I feel it gives them a better, smoother, finish.

I haven’t done a shadow box or room for any of my miniatures, I just put them on a shelf in my hobby room.  Some day I’ll build a room or house to put them in.  Maybe a “antique store” type of building.  Any ideas??

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I like to take photos of real life size buildings for inspiration for structures.  You may have a favorite store front that you will find you are drawn to.... then there is Pinterest, and google searches of images, and Google street view...

Many miniaturists have an antique store to collect misc. pieces that have not found a permanent setting....

Sadly, most of my miniatures are stored in an Alex IKEA drawer unit at the present time.  I suspect when I get round to the structure build that I've collected enough furniture and accessories to furnish the structure.  

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On 6/19/2023 at 9:46 AM, Kgstakes said:

 Maybe a “antique store” type of building.  Any ideas??

One of my favorites was the old Masonic Temple in Long Beach (230 Pine Ave), which was a Z Galerie for a while and is now Altar Brewing.   Since it just opened as the brewery, there are currently many pictures of the inside.  Lots of rustic brick, wooden floors and beams, and so on.  Two stories.  When it was a Z Galerie the more important pieces were downstairs and the rest was upstairs. 

However, I want to point out that antique stores are a tricky proposition because you don't really notice the special pieces in the clutter.   If you have a real treasure (to you), then you put it into a small vignette or dome so it's the focal point.   Put a lot of these treasures together and it becomes disarray.   If you go the route of a mini store, plan enough space (and suitable lighting) to have a couple mini-vignettes or settings within your store so you can focus on the special piece(s).  

Go visit a furniture store and see what stands out to you - not in terms of specific pieces, but in terms of arrangement and layout.  Chances are you will notice the places where they've staged furniture and accessories into a seating group, eating group, or complementary arrangement of some type.  You probably don't notice the pieces that are just lined up in there; no matter how special those pieces might be.   The arrangements tend to be in the front of the store where they will capture your attention and the rows of furniture tend to be on the sides and in the back. 

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I can't believe hat you mention a Masonic Temple as an antique store.  I took photos of one on Saturday before Guild School in Belfast, Maine.


The corner entrance and the doors were the features I loved the most, combined with the top floor and roof details.  I thought this building was an inspiration to The Christmas Tree Shoppes, although this was pure speculation on my part, I have not compared the photo with the store in my area.

Long Beach could be in many states... is this the correct building?  




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