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A Challenge for you.....

Wm. R. Robertson

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OK folks, you can all see the content on the forum has been a little light lately. Many of us have been away and distracted by doing other things. But I know some people are busy working away in their workshops and studios and to them I challenge you to take a picture and share your current project! It doesn't have to be anything fancy..... Let's just give us a peak over your shoulder of what is on your bench...... Come on, do it today!


Ps. Start these each as a new topic so questions, answers and comments will be in the right place......

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Come on folks..... A bunch of you read this and only two have met the challenge so far (thank you both!) and I know more of you have something pretty neat on your workbench.........

And you don't have to worry about it being done.... We want to see it in progress! And don't worry about your messy shop, just take a close up picture so we don't see that........ And remember, the world is digital now, you can use your phone or iPad...... No more taking the picture, waiting till you used up the whole roll of film, getting it developed, etc..........

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Let's keep this up.... This challenge is working, we had over 30 post just yesterday!.... Makes for a lot better reading and we get to see great new stuff!

Keep on posting..... And there are more of that haven't shown us what you are working on....... It can be simple like a carved foot or just a latch.... Or finished like a chipmunk!

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Well this is pretty boring but it is a raccoon waiting to be furred. I read this yesterday and remembered when I was working so I pulled out my crappy little phone......

I printed out a bunch of pictures, then made a scale drawing, then carved him. You can see him in the bottom right corner.

Here I've just finished the rough painting. When he is furred I'll post a pic with my good camera in the appropriate topic/thread---



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i am working on a 1/12 Scale 1880's Washburn style parlor guitar. Back and sides some kind of ebony that looks like rosewood at scale, bookmatched back is thicknessed and joined with a 0.005" holly outer and 0.001" ebony center stripe. Braces are spruce, and thinned and carved per scale.




The top is a fine grain spruce with an ebony soundhole rosette inlay, with sterling silver tubing slice inlays with brass inlays between.

I had to cobble up an indexing gear from plexi to drill the inlay holes, inlaid with epoxy, trimmed and sanded.




Neck and headstock are a tight grain mahogany, and the fingerboard and headstock overlay will be ebony.

Frets will probably be really fine gauge sterling silver wire.


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To finish up the photo montage, The neck and fingerboard.



fret slots will be cut through another photo template with a toothed razor blade I made by whacking the blade into a file.

Tuners will be ebony friction pegs, and bridge will also be ebony.

Inner body linings will be spruce or holly.

More when I can get back into the shop...

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William I would love to post pictures, I am unable to minimize photos for posting, I would like very much to show everyone the things I make, and to get feedback to help me.

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