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18K Gold Jewel Chest

Wm. R. Robertson

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This was a one of a kind I did in the 80's, It is hand cut and engraved 18K gold plates with mill grained edges. The gold plates are mounted over a blackwood box. The lock works……  someday I think I'll have to make on fancier! So many projects, so little time.


Also somewhere I have the original drawing I did for this, next time I stumble on it I'll photograph and post it.



Here is a photo taken as the say "back in the day"… it was digitized from a 35mm slide




And a shot after the beginning of the digital age….



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Those millgrain edges are beautiful... that tool still has me puzzled.  So much to learn, and so little time.

What treasures are inside the box?  I am imagining a tiny 1/12th scale Hitty....



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