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Bob McGinnis

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I know Bob, he does great work and I hope he joins the forum...... And he he collects antique tools as I do.... Wait till I post my latest!

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Hi, Thanks Bill for posting the photos for me.

The top photo is kind of my start in making miniatures. I made these in1983. When I was in high school my uncle had a logging business and I worked for him in the summers. So these all relate to tools I used working in the woods as a teenager.

The Hammer and Drift are 1 7/8" long. The Blacksmith Tongs are 2 3/4" long. The Axe is 4" long complete with wedge in handle. The Cant Hook is 5 3/4" long.

The second photo is a fully functional 1/3 scale .22 caliber Remington Vest Pocket Derringer, patented in 1861. It was my first miniature gun. I made it in 1995. All parts of it are the same type of material as used for the original. It is 2 3/4" long. Everything was made from raw materials. The cartridges are just "dummy" rounds, but have the "H" head stamp.

The bottom photo is my favorite so far. It is a 1/3 scale .22 caliber "Emerson" tip-down Pistol. I made a full size one first that fires .22 caliber short rimfire cartridges. This one doesn't fire but is fully functional. I made a Walnut Case to display the Full Size and the Mini together. This was on display at the Craftsmanship Museum in Carlsbad, CA .

On the internet just type in. Miniature Arms - Various Makers, it is shown along with other Miniature firearms. Just scroll way down to "Emerson" Pistol Set. Thanks much, Bob McGinnis. mcginnr@chorus.net

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