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Is this really modeling?

Bill Hudson

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Not sure where to past this but thought it was interesting giving the popularity of 3D printing.  Using this process one cough actually populate their mini house with their own family and pets.  Where is the line? 





Bill H.

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Thanks for the link. I suppose if that is what you are looking for it's pretty cool. But like when photography took over from hand painting portraits, it depends on what you want. I am hoping that there will always be the demand for hand made. And hopefully even more so when it becomes wide spread all this 3D and new technology stuff. Even with photography you used to have to take a good picture, exposure, color etc...now you don't have to even bother knowing how. Just use even the most basic photo program to get a good pic....

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That in particular isn't modeling. It's a virtual means to aid the process of "molding" and "casting" (or printing), not that distant from what where alginate, rubbers (polyurethanes, silicones) or plaster in their time.


3d printing, regardless of the origin of the model, has 3 main type of technologies available in different degrees: plastic extrusion through a hot nozzle (not very detailed), dust fusion (sugars, metals) and photoactivated resin by UV light (most detailed and expensive, with a minimal definition of 60 microns, that's the width of an average human hair)


As a mean to an end, they are all tools. In computer modeling there are 2 main ways to sculpt: one has to make stack and refine polygons (that's very tedious for organic forms) or use a nurbs based software like zbrush, that's very similar to sculpting in clay (adding and substracting volumes).


Those tools in front of a person without knowledge or experience are worthless. A human will always be behind the design of a model weather it'd be casted in resin, chavant clay or brass on a jeweler's lathe. An automated process could have limited control over the composition, materials of choice, etc, etc. Good execution, experience and knowledge are ultimately evident as you inspect a model in its own regard.


A similar technology of 3d scanning and printing are used in museums to make registers of delicate pieces and reproductions such as the bust of Nefertiti, and make possible for normal people to be as near as they want to it.




or open the door to new categories as this 1:600 scale miniature


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I found this in the latest issue of the german magazine "1zu12"





Free translation from the german language:


Me and me. This could be the new slogan for the dolshousecollectors with this clone of yourself in 1:12 scale. Evelyn Klotz from "BlockBoxex" made an experiment with herself as model and is very happy with the result. It's the new 3D-portrait printing service that makes it possible to get a "multi-layered" plastic figure in the small scale. Try googling the internet for "3D-portraits" to find
out more details.



Have fun Niels

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