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Bucket List for Great Miniature Experiences: Guild School


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It is exciting to see the class photos on the IGMA website today.


I have been so fortunate to travel to various miniature shows, conventions, and museums across the US for the last two decades.  I have been a general member of the IGMA for a while - I think I joined in 2003.  Guild School seems to fall somewhere in those first 2 weeks of June, and by far, it has been one of my best miniature experiences.  The symbiotic relationship between student / teacher / friends / collectors / artisans reaches the highest plane of learning new skills during this week in June.  Oh, what is really, really cool, is that we, the students, get to give our opinions about the classes for the following year.  The Artisan's and Fellows post pictures of class proposals.  (That is like a 12 on my list on a scale of 1-10! )


The entire event is well organized, I don't think I've ever noticed that anything is amiss.  Staff is also accommodating, and the kitchen staff has always been kind to me, when I'm fussing about my food.  (I'm not allergic, just fussy about what I eat in my old age and not once have they ever been unkind about my questions.)


I realize it may cost a lot of moola to catch an airplane, and to find your way to Castine, Maine, but if you want the ultimate miniature learning experience, please consider Guild School.


I've started this topic, in case you have questions about anything Guild School related.   Scholarships for 2016 are due on August 1, 2015, and covers your tuition.  (Travel to and from is the responsibility of the Scholarship recipient.)


go to www.igma.org, see the links at the top, click on GUILD SCHOOL, then go down to the Scholarship page.


For our members who have attended Guild School in the past, as student, teacher or both, what does attending Guild School mean to you? 


I know there are a lot of members in the forum who have a lot more knowledge about the Guild School experience, so if you have any questions, please ask.


And remember, make sure you keep "ATTEND GUILD SCHOOL"  on your bucket list!


Tamra / Indiana


(Mods, please move this topic to the correct place. I don't know where I should post this.)





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Well, I've been lucky enough to get a scholarship for next year so I'm looking forward to seeing and being part of what everyone says is a must for miniaturists. Had a look at the website listing at 11pm after it wasn't there at 10pm so I got to look at the goodies before going to bed last night.


The airfares are an issue, almost $2300 dollars from here, plus after talking with an American friend who lives here and returns to the US most years he advises that I really need to arrive at least 3 days early to settle the jet lag, because in his experience that's what it takes. So now I'm into finding what is the most economical route, where to make a break and how to actually make that stopover worthwhile. First thoughts are Chicago, Thorne rooms,Frank Lloyd Wright, Architecture, more money, O well maybe I'll sell a decent miniature house before then and another option put to me was Kickstarter, where I could raise money by basically preselling my miniature houses for pledge amounts. I would be looking at this as a way of funding the trip which is a research and learning experience as well as being able to fund the type and period of architecture that I feel is missing from the miniatures world as well as get my larger finescale miniature into the market.


Next year, all going well I'll be able to answer you original question :) but in the mean time I look forward to what others have to say :)

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Warren congratulations on receiving a scholarship, you will have so much fun at Guild School. I have travelled there three times from South Africa and yes arriving three days early is something I would advice too, the first year I wasn't quite over my jet lag and got really tired towards the end of the day. I met up each time with some people I only knew online before, twice meeting up in New York, spending a few days there and then traveling together to Castine. That way I saved a bit on expenses too as we shared a hotel room and rented a car together after flying to Portland. One of the ladies was a scholarship winner from New Zealand and she enjoyed it so much that she went again last year. I really enjoyed meeting up with other miniaturists before Guild School and having a travel companion seeing some of the sights and museums.

Enjoy choosing your classes and planning your trip. Now I am even more sorry that I won't be able to go next year, it would have been great to meet you.

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Warren, congratulations! They don't call it the best week of the year for nothing. It will change your life, seriously, from the

people you meet to the memories; there is something about that little town that gets under your skin!


As for the trip, I'd advise stopping in Chicago for a day or two and taking one of the architecture tours, either on a double decker bus or on the river. Chicago has world class architecture.


However you get there, everyone is friendly and welcoming and you will have a wonderful time.

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