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I had my eye on a console table I liked from Bespaq, but tonight I discovered it was a limited edition, so I searched around and every place that came up that had it on their site showed it as "discontinued/out of stock"


Then I found one last place that had it, also had it in stock, so I clicked on the buy now and it turned out I bought the LAST one they had!


It will go in the front window of my  furniture store roombox;



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Hi Artist, I am glad you got something you were looking for. If you read the guidelines you'll see that we are going to try to keep this site focused on the higher quality HAND MADE miniatures which does not include commercially produced items. For that reason I am going to lock this topic. We feel we have to draw the line somewhere and it was decided Bespaq fell on the other side.


I will however say that is one of the better pieces of theirs I have seen and looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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