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Hello from Washington State, USA!


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Hi there folks!


I am just new into miniatures as of Jan. 2014.  I have built one dollhouse prior to January 2014, walls, wallpaper, paper floors and store bought furniture and no more...for my daughter, which I don't count!   ;)


I've started a large (probably TOO large) project that I am having a blast with...and I am trying hard to learn just about everything!   I am actually building the shell with Foam Core board, and building a modular installation, which I will assemble as I go along.  I've already learned a lot!


I've scratch built the shell and am just beginning the process of adding decor.  I hope to learn from some of you folks who have been around in this hobby for a while!


I do have a blog I started in July, with some of my work posted right from the beginning for those interested.  You can find it at http://miniaturendeavors.blogspot.com/.  


I've attached WIP photos to give you an idea what I am about...  Photo 1 is of a Floor Inlay I am putting together for the Grand Parlor just now, and Photo 2 is of the Entry In Progress with a Steampunk Resin Cast Floor.  This house is all about Steampunk Style!


I look forward to getting to know folks in the community!


Doug S



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Hi Doug,


Love where you are going with the floor, I'm a fan of parquet flooring as well as stepped and circular floors. Welcome to the group, there are many experienced people here but sometimes finding them is the issue, Different seasons around the world, so some are in their workshops and others are out having lives.

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Welcome to the Forum Doug.  Your floors look great.  I can't remember seeing anyone work in steampunk for an entire structure. Have you heard of Mike Barbour?  I like his steampunk items...  www.mikebarbour.com  He is doing a workshop at the Chicago International Show April 2015, some excellent Steampunk wings... and while this isn't my genre, I love the wings!   Well, anywho, love the floors, I instantly saw the Dresden plate quilting template for your floor, it is such a recognizable pattern, and yet, I had never, ever considered the design for floors but have seen it a million times in a quilt.  I also checked out your blog, and found the safeway cookie tray to be wonderful, so I'll look forward to seeing your blog post about casting the ceiling.


And this is only your second project?!!  Wait till you find the tools, past the utility knife; you are going to have a blast...


There is so much experience in this forum... I'm sure you will get multiple choice options.



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Thanks Warren!   I  hope you like the floors once finished!  Not sure how things work here yet...whether that gets posted here or elsewhere...like on the blog...:0)  I'm excited about learning from others...and have a few questions rattling around in my head that I will eventually post here as I get to the point of being ready to tackle the projects associated.  


Tamra, I am so excited to be a part of the Forum, and to learn from the strongest artisans in the field!  I am a bit nervous about putting my early mini works up for perusal by those same folks, but hey, we all start somewhere!  Yes, this is my second house...the first one that I consider "serious art expression".  However, I've been involved with some sort of design effort my whole life...it is the "craft" that is new to me..not the design elements.  So I have a LOT to learn...because without the "craft" there is no "design" in this instance!   


I didn't even know about the Dresden quilting template...   :o   I just thought it would look Cool and Steampunky...so I drew it out that way.  Not surprised that I "drew" something that I have probably seen a million times somewhere though...he he. I do think that the Steampunk theme leaves things wide open for "unconventional" interpretation, that is actually why I went that direction.  Believe it or not, I am a pretty "conventional" guy...so going Steampunk is a stretch for me...but it ALSO provides me the opportunity to do just about anything I want...and I like that too!   :lol:


Thanks for the replies, both of you!  Excited to get to know each of you.

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Welcome to the forum Doug.

For future posts on your house, the best place to put them would be under Structures and Dollhouses where everybody interested in that topic could find them easily.

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