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Hello from Sunny FL!


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Hi All!


kdappleby here~Kimberly Dean Appleby (now Kimberly Sher).  For those of you who don't know me, I own Philadelphia Miniaturia and my mom was Pat Bauder. 


As part of Philadelphia Miniaturia, we work closely with IGMA.  In fact, our auction at the show this year will benefit IGMA.


When I moved to FL, I had a dream of adding on to our home to create a workshop space and an in-law suite so that I could run a miniature workshop bed and breakfast from our home.  We worked with an architect, had the plans drawn up and worked to secure funding.  My husband and I decided to put the plans on the backburner and buy, renovate and sell houses instead.  Yes, we "flip" houses (and I hate that word).  In the last year we have successfully sold four houses, decided to rent one (because it was a money pit and we need to recoup our investment), we just put one on the market, and have one that is still in kit form.  We have been doing well with our renovations thus far and I really love working on the large scale houses!


I have not given up on my dream, at the urging of some friends, and my cousin who just attended a workshop on building Tiny Houses, I have revamped this dream into something we named Winter Wonderland Workshops.  You can find us on the web and on facebook.  We hope to start a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds we will need to bring this dream to fruition.  If the campaign is not successful, we will go back to plan b which is to build the space a few years down the road once our renovation business is turning more of a profit.  I won't give up on this dream!


As part of the design of this space, I'm actively seeking feedback, suggestions, ideas on what would make a good workshop space so that we can accomodate a variety of workshops.  That fact finding mission is what has brought me here!


I look forward to chatting with everyone.

All the best,


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Welcome to the forum, Kim! Maybe we can even get folks to post photos of their workshops. I look forward to seeing the suggestions that you get. 

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