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Christiane LOURIER

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It depends on what type of basket you have in mind, Chrisminiatures. For wicker baskets, most people use 2 or 3-ply waxed linen for the weavers, and fiber-wrapped wires for the uprights, which can be inserted into a wood bottom, or not, depending on the style of wicker. For splint baskets, (like my pack basket) I use black ash splint, which is quite pliable when wet, and comes in widths as narrow as 1/64". You could possibly make crocheted baskets out of the colcotton, but you're right, it's quite soft. 

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Hello Chris, I love waxed irish linen thread for wicker, and I have recently purchased some Japanese paper covered wire for my spokes to go to a finer weave that I purchased at the Chicago International show, I'm thinking trying to use button strength cotton thread.  Thinking, but I haven't tried it yet.  The Japanese paper covered wire is sold primarily for flowers at the mini shows in the US.  I also purchased some silk covered wire for spokes from Templewood Miniatures in the UK .  I have never made a real, proper basket of wood, but it is on my list.  Generally, I use 2 & 3 ply, but I have also used 4 ply on wicker furniture for color accents on a few rows... more colors available in 4 ply.


www.royalwoodltd.com is my favorite supplier here in the US.  I think it is imported from Ireland though.



I like waxed threads, because it just kinda grabs and is stable.  I recently tried some fine hemp that I found at the fabric store in the bead area and I took it all out, and returned to wax linen.  Oh I hope this is not a terrible description, but the hemp was springy, the wax linen thread stays put, and since I was trying to weave a bar harbor piece, and I had all this open space above the chaise base, I was having difficulty keeping the hemp in the proper place.... but it is a most wonderful neutral color, so I'm not giving up on my fine hemp. 




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Tamra, I wonder if you could run the hemp on a piece of beeswax? That may give it enough stability.


I know that when I do beading I sometimes use  something called 'Thread Heaven', a little blue cube of wax, that

helps thread keep from fraying. I think beeswax might be what you need.



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