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Please introduce yourself, tell us your name, you can use an alias if you wish, what your interest in miniatures is, how long you been interested and where you are from. You will see there is quite a bit of experience here from around the world to start off with. Please join, especially those new to the hobby and ask questions. This forum is all about sharing, the more people that participate the better it will be.

First you will have to create an account, To get started just go to the upper right corner and click on the box "CREATE ACCOUNT" and follow the instructions, you will then get a email with a link to open the account and you will be ready to join in.

Now you may wonder just how do you post a introduction? It is easy. Go back one page to the "Introductions" home page, At the top and bottom right corner you will see a box to "start new topic", just click there, fill in the title with your name and write something in the text space, then all you have to do is hit "post new topic" and that is it.

You will notice this topic is locked, it is for instruction and not to be added to with introductions. By posting each as a new thread they are easier for all to see and for your friends, both new and old to welcome you.

Thank you and a Big Welcome from all of us!

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