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Guild School 2015


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Pre-registration for 2015 Guild School, The Ripple Effect, ends October 1, 2014. Nearly every student pre-registers - the best chance of getting first-choice classes. The Pre-Registration Form is available for download on the website at www.igma.org, as well as a complete description of the registration options/process - in the Register section.


The link to view the photos from 2014 Guild School is now available on the IGMA website, www.igma.org, click on the Guild School page; then on What is the Guild School? to locate the link. You can view and download the 2014 photos directly by following these directions.

LINK to 2014 Guild School Gallery: http://onelovephoto.smugmug.com/Events

PASSWORD: igma (lowercase – case sensitive)

TO DOWNLOAD: Roll mouse over selected photo (upper right hand corner). Select xx3 or original for the image size. Photo will open super big in separate window. Click on the big photo and right click save, or for Macs, just drag it to your desktop.


Don’t forget the Guild School Facebook page, thanks to Bonni Backe, (https://www.facebook.com/igma.guildschool). She is giving a written summary of classes and instructors.


The big Catalogue of Class Offerings unveiling day is October 1! In the mail to pre-registered students. After that it will be posted online. 


NOTE: The $1425 tuition fee includes 36 hours of instruction (6 hours per day for 6 days), all evening events, accommodations, and all meals. It's a deal!




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hmmm.... I haven't been hanging out on facebook, but I see that on 12/23/2014, miniredleader indicated she mailed the class assignments!  eMails are flying; many of my stiching friends, (petitpointers) have indicated the class assignments have been mailed and have showed up in mailboxes, worldwide!  Are you attending Guild School 2015?  If you have questions about attending GS 2015, I'm sure someone in the forum will know the answer, or will know someone who can give you an answer.


Last year, United had added a direct flight from O'Hare to Bangor, but you can fly O'Hare to Boston, rent a car with friends, and tour, for the difference in airfare.... hmmm... tourism and shopping is always a favorite for me.


If you haven't noticed, going to GS educational events is on the top of my mini tourism activities, so join the fun, and with some planning you can museum hop, and shop your way up the East Coast.



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