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MEWEKA Metall-Werk-Kasten…. I want one!

Wm. R. Robertson

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This could have been posted in tools but I think it fits here too…….


On a recent trip to Munich I saw something in the Deutsches Museum that I want (there were really a LOT of things in there that I want). This was the kind of toy that shows why Germany is so good at engineering, if kids grew up playing with these think what they could do as adults. The toy is a Meweka Handstanzpresse all fitted into a complete Metall Werk Kasten…… in other words a hand stamp press in a metal working kit. To paraphrase the German description below this was a toy or tool for the person that wanted to more than just put prefabricated parts together. A erector set is nice but what about the kid who wants to make his own parts of shapes different than in the kit? This was the toy for him! With about 30 attachments or tooling this cut, notch, punch holes, bend, roll edges, stamp, make wheels, make gears and about anything else you might want to do with metal. The kit came with a few pieces to play with but you also use tin cans or whatever aluminum you could find…… just picture kids making their toy out of scrap aircraft aluminum that was shot out the sky?  They also offered plans for projects, I don't know how many or if they were sold extra. I wonder just what did kids make with these? From what I can tell this toy came out about 1952 and was in production only a few years. Back then it cost about $ 20.00 which is I'm sure why I didn't have one. That was probably the cost of my whole Christmas list.
 It says these were sold overseas. Has anyone ever heard of them? or had one? or still have one?
I want one both because it's cool and I think i could use the little thing…..
I'll let the pictures tell the story…..
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Take a look at this, scroll down a bit to the link under Manupress Workstation Tools:





I saw this tool advertised many years ago and really wanted one....it was way too expensive at the time for me. I have looked for it for years and it seems it is no longer made?

Has anyone ever seen it? It looks like it can do everything one might want/need!



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MEWEKA Metall-Werk-Kasten

The tool set Bill mentioned should be nice to own because I really like the looks of it. It is from around my childhood era.  I would like it as a collection but I would be afraid to use it. If I broke it it would hurt the value.


The Manupress Work Station mentioned by --Paul above, on the other hand, can be made using little arbor press available on the present market. I recently saw several sizes at Harbor Freight. I have been using  PanaPress for many years adapting it to my needs. I have not done any thing permanent but It could be done.  I took the ram to a machine shop and had it bored out from top to bottom.  I then bored a counter hole in the bottom with a set screw in the side to hole in various punches and fixtures. In my tin tutorial I show it adapted to making raised lines in the tin ware. Most all the attachments shown in the PDF can be made by hand from standard materials.  








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