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Non glare glass


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My roombox almost finished (ordered some different lights- LEDs to add) but I had the hardware store cut the glass for me for the front, I won't use arcrylic/plexiglass etc because they generate and hold an amazing amount of static which attracts dust, pet hair etc, then you have to constantly wipe it and that soon scratches.

I don't think plastic sheets have a place in fine art, museums  and the like don't frame historic antique paintings with it why would I ?

I did some research and found a non glare glass called Museum Glass from Tru-Vue, looking at the side by side photos of a print behind regular glass and this it's amazing, there's still a small amount of reflection ( 1% I think they say) but this is dramatically different,  here's an example:




I'm going to order  a piece since there's no local outlet to get it, I need a piece 10" x 22-5/8" and it looks like the cost might be around $65

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Thanks for posting this information.  I wanted to order some of this glass for some photos for some old car photos for my husband and your post reminds me that I have not done this yet...    I wonder if it will cut the same way as standard double strength glass...  Please let us know your source.


I like the clarity of the museum glass.  I wonder how it would photograph for minis?  EUREKA!  We can use this in the fronts of our roomboxes!  I know that is the point of the post, but I've got it now...   I always want to take the glass off everyone's roomboxes, so I can photograph as the glare from the glass is frustrating making the photography pointless.


Thanks - Tamra /Indiana

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