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Need help hanging doors

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I have made exterior doors for my dollhouse, and I'm fairly happy with them, but now I don't really know how to hang them.  Will miniature hinges really be strong enough to hold the doors?  I'm especially concerned about the front door.  The front wall of the house hangs on piano hinges, and the opening for the front door is cut out from the bottom of the wall--there's no threshold.


Does anyone know of a good tutorial, or a good book with instructions for hinging and hanging doors?

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Warren Barnard

Hi Mrs L,


I use an 8mm x 8mm small brass hinge to replicate a 100mm (4Inch) and set it in the same way I would do a full size door, I use Gorilla super glue as it has a rubberizing agent in it which allows a little flexibility in it unlike normal super glue. Once I am happy with the position and swing of the door, I drill micro holes and use a tiny brad in the hinge to replicate screws with a touch of super glue to give extra strength.


Door hinges are one of my bug bears and there are probably better ways to mount them but this works for me. I couldn't find any tutorials on the net when I last looked for ways of hanging doors. If you hang them like the originals then they tend to look like original in miniature. There are lots of good hinges around reasonably cheap.

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