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And a big HI from Scotland!! xxxxxx

Mary Anderson

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Mary Anderson

Hi everyone, I'm Mary and I'm an animal artist from bonny Scotland x


Well having said that, it's not too bonny today lol we're due to have gales and rain, so I guess that's summer over with, giggle 


I make wee furred cats, dogs anda few others with the odd dolly too. All in 1:12 scale for dollhouses :) 

(tried to a gallery but it wouldn't let me, or I just haven't sussed it out yet lol


I LOVE animals of all sizes and LOVE making miniature ones and just hope you love them too


Here's a wee kitty I did, his name is Bailey :) image attached (hopefully lol)


Big Hugs,


Mary xxxx


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Warren Barnard

A little dark brown in the fur and you've captured our tortoiseshell cat or Lady of the Manor as she expects to be addressed.


Welcome to the forum,

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Wm. R. Robertson

Welcome..... I keep meaning to get back to Scotland someday for a visit...... My Great Great Grandfather was the last of our clan to live there.... He left in 1864..... Funny thing is he bought a new silver watch just before he sailed from Ayr...... He bought it from a jeweler on the High street.... I google them and the jeweler is still there!

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