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post-323-0-78609900-1407601830_thumb.jpgHere is something a little different, I hope.  I'd wanted to make a fantasy princess bed for my castle.  It lived in my head for awhile till it formed enough that I could start building.  The look I wanted was a highly decorated, fanciful (NOT my usual style :) ) bed suitable for a princess who has a sorceress alter ego.  I used cherry wood to start and added other wood veneers in a parquetry pattern.  I had all these beautiful sample fabrics, mostly silks, and I wanted to use as many as possible to create a rich look.  Using Sculpey, I sculpted the leafy forms right onto the wood headboard, footboard and tester and baked it, wood and all.  Then I painted it with acrylic gold paint.  I'd found some metal curlicues at Walmart and they seemed perfect to embellish the tester.  The headboard has the princess' crest on it, sculpted from Sculpey and painted gold and the footboard has a unicorn emblem done the same way.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out.






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