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Hello all from sunny bloody cold downunder.

Warren Barnard

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Hello everyone,


My name is Warren or Wazza, I live in the lovely Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia, and work from a shed behind the house.

 I'm 50+, married and currently on disability with a mental illness, which is why I had to find a better way of living. I worked and sort of still do when it suits in the film and TV industry as a prop and model maker for many years and was always desperate for the next job as it sort of defined who I was. As I've grown older and wiser and started to get a handle on my illness I've started redefining who I am and what I want to do with my life. It wasn't really a midlife crisis, more a growing up in myself. And what I've found is that I want and need to share my passions and experience with other likeminded people. We now have a sort of men’s shed here on Tuesdays for a bunch of model railway enthusiasts to come do some modelling, have access to tools, some company and shared experience. You will be pleased to know that one of the modelled scales is 1/48th as some of the guys do O gauge and On30.


Having made the decision about 4 years ago to get back into making my sort of miniatures, not just the under the gun pressured film type, I started building what I wanted and what I believe is wanted in a small but exclusive part of the dollhouse market for fine miniature architecturepost-295-0-08036900-1405927590_thumb.jpgpost-295-0-54888900-1405926937_thumb.jpgpost-295-0-75393400-1405926941_thumb.jpg in 1/12 scale. As part of that process I have been developing new techniques, finding new to me materials and seeing what I can do with them and seeing what I can come up with. I have learned a lot but also how much their still is to learn, There are some amazing individuals out there, some professionals but more amateurs who a passionate about this hobby and enjoy building and sharing. I am interested in sharing my experiences with other model makers, but I do have 1 or 2 things that I want to keep up my sleeves for now because as part of the journey I would like to still catch people unawares and give them a new thrill.


So far having had a quick look around at some of the amazing projects and people who make them I am inspired to do better what I am doing which i suppose is the purpose of this forum. I hope I don't offend anyone with my Aussie/Kiwi dialect.


I thought I should quickly mention the picture of me nonchanlantly leaning on a sherman tank, It's not me in one of my warmongering aggresive moods  :unsure:  :ph34r:  but me with a 12inch to the foot working model that I was part of the crew that built for "The Pacific".



Yours in miniatures


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Welcome to the forum Warren, just had a quick look at your blog, I love the parquet floor and am looking forward to see how you finish the rooms.

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Welcome Warren, good to see you here. I hope to see many more of your projects. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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