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Greetings from South Africa!

Beth Freeman-Kane

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Beth Freeman-Kane

Hello all, I am Beth Freeman-Kane from South Africa (near Durban on the East coast)

I sculpt mostly birds, but also small animals and insects in miniature...I create stand alone vignettes, as well as box framed compositions which can be hung in the home and have enormous appeal even outside the 'miniature world' : -)

Among my skills I am experienced in Polymer clay sculpting, mould making, casting, painting, landscaping and plant making. I have been a professional miniaturist for 26 years, but I started creating small things as a child before I knew anything about the 'real miniature world'....the joy remains that I am learning new things all the time!


I am now a Fellow of the Guild as well as a signature member of MAA ( Miniature Artists of America). I exhibit at 2 or 3 shows a year in the US, and I have also taught at the Guild school in Castine for the past 5 years. In South Africa in 2012 I was the first professional Miniaturist ever to have a solo exhibition hosted by a gallery...a real thrill ! I also exhibit on a regular Art show every year where my work atracts attention among the general public who have never seen miniatures before.

If you'd like to see more of my work, take a look at www.facebook.com/BethMin and browse through the photos there. I also have a website (though not up to date as I am severley technically challenged and can't manage the site myself :-(





Enjoy! Here's to many more 'seriously cute miniatures' for all of us!

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