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What is a miniature?

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Guy Gadois

Is the definition of a miniature any object other than full-size, or are there limitations of scale size. The reason I'm asking is I was going to post photos of scale model of a Spanish bell tower which measures nearly 50 inches in height. The actual height of the tower is 209 feet. This equates to a 50:1 scale. Is this too large to be considered a miniature?


Cheers, Guy

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A miniature is a smaller copy of something. While most of the "Dollhouse World" works in 1/12th scale we don't think this forum should be limited to that. So far we have had tools in 1/4th scale and building in 1/144th scale. So please post it.


If we get a lot of things in odd scales we might open up a separate section for them to keep the level of confusion down.

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