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Globes, the obsession of a collector...


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Oh my, what a collection! But I think I would feel a bit claustrophobic if my house looked like that. I really like the globe lights, that is something I haven't seen before. And of course my eye were drawn to all the rugs and the needlepoint chair.

Thanks for sharing, going to send it on to my brother, I thought we were both obsessive collectors but this guy beats us hands down.

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Hahaha, what a great article! 



But in-between are lots of other collections starting to merge :) Like the spiral staircases, which i love btw.


But this post is about globes... and funny enough I'd these globes lying around for more then a decade now. Initially thought of making a metal stand for them but never got round to it. 




Later, when I got into miniatures I researched making a really small globe and stand. Somewhere I still have the detailled fold out map i printed to make the sphere. 

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