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Over 20,000 page views already!


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Hello All

Just thought you might like to know how the forum is doing.... So far, and we have only been "open" for two weeks, one of which a lot of us were pretty busy at Castine.

We have had over 20,000 page views.....

We have almost 200 members...

We have LOTS of guests watching, in forum speak they are called lurkers, at times many times more than the number of members on at a given time.

Only about 10% are active and posting

All these numbers are pretty typical for forums..... That 10% do most of the content and more people lurk than sign on.

Just keep in mind, the more people that post, even just asking questions the better this gets for everyone, more activity equals more content and that equals better reading.

Thank you all for being part of this and may it grow and grow.....

Anyway here is what folks have been looking at.


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