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The man who invented the digital camera.

Wm. R. Robertson

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Now you might wonder what is this doing here on a miniature forum? Well the kind of exchange we can have world wide would not be possible without digital photography. Here is a lecture video on Vimeo that is over a hour long... I know, grown, snore, sleep..... Oh no. I attended this lecture, I can tell you it was one of the best and funniest I have ever been too. Not only was Steve Sasson the guy that invented the digital camera he has a great sense of humor and a delivery like a comedian.

Funny things for example... The executives at Kodak said we can't call this thing a camera, it doesn't use film!..... Or his description of the first ever digital photo of a staff worker.....

So when you have a hour and want to learn about something we all take for granted and that is one of the fastest technologies to ever be accepted by the general public watch this.

Another thing, he and the guy that invented the cel phone were at an event and had some private time together, they asked each other if they ever thought to combine a cel phone and a camera? They both missed that one!

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