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Wanted to buy a Complete Miniaturist's Workshop

Wm. R. Robertson

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Someone came to me and asked if I could help them find a complete miniaturist's workshop to purchase. They want to get a shop that has a little age to it, not all brand new stuff. One that is equipped for both some wood and metal work, ceramics would be go too. They basically want it wall to wall, with all the storage racks full of stock, small hand tools, small power tools like saws and sanders( they don't need full size power tools like a bandsaw, etc.) they want something that once moved would give the feel of a comfortable place you could get right to work in.

This would be the ideal opportunity for some cleaning out an estate of a past miniaturist.

Mid-west USA would be a perfect location but could get it shipped from anywhere (North America)

I you have or know of a shop in need of a home send me a private message, located in the black bar at the top just the left of your name.


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