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Miniature Turkish Coffee or Spice Grinder

Wm. R. Robertson

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This was one of my projects that for inspiration I had to look no further than my kitchen, I had bought this grinder in Prague years ago. I never have been able to track down the exact history of these but they have been made for 100s of years and are still being made. 


I also did this as a class project at both Guild School and the classes that became Miniatures I Tune in Denmark.


A miniature (1/12th scale) Turkish Coffee or Spice Grinder. It is 1" tall, made of 13 parts in brass, steel and nickel silver. It comes apart as the real one and can even grind coffee grinds into dust....... and the handle folds.

The knurling is done by hand (hand held as opposed to mounting in the tool post) with tiny old knurling wheels from my stash. This was all done on a Taig lathe using WW collets.... the key to machining miniature work is being able to hold it.....

Enjoy...... but don't try to use this to grind enough for a cup of coffee .... it would take weeks I think....




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I remember your students sweating over this while I was fighting breaking blades in the hinge class...my first encounter with a jewelers saw...some time ago I saw quite a few of these grinders at an antique fair.

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