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Hello All, my name is Gee


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and I live in Noord-Brabant in The Netherlands, taking care of my kids and cats.


First came in contact with miniatures when I visited the Arnhem Poppenhuisstad fair in Arnhem in 1995.

The first of many to follow.


Soon after that I started buying miniatures I liked, and reading about miniatures on the internet but it took more than 10 years for me to finally give in and buy a dollhouse.


I have altered the house a bit, started a blog and am now in the process of finishing the house and decorating, getting my kicks out of exploring my limitations and learning as much as possible from other miniaturists.

In my head this house already is finished, it is a challenge to see if that is going to be realized. 


I like trying out different materials, as the opportunity comes along; working with veneer for instance, was a pleasure.



What appeals the most to me in this miniatures world are not only the beautiful items I have seen these past years, but even more the beautiful people I have had the chance to come in contact with  :)  





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Hello and thank you, moderator1, its good to be here, have done a lot of reading already. Lots to learn and a great opportunity to do so over here :)

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