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Seeking glue syringe


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OMG, the Forum is alive??!!!

I like the Jacquard Fine Line Applicators with a metal tip.  I bought mine originally from Sandy's lace & trim and while Sandy is on etsy, I was looking at her listings a couple of days ago and did not see one.

They used to sell them at Hobby Lobby, many years ago, you might find them at a pottery supplier or Art supplier as I think they are used for resist techniques.

I like this applicator, because the plastic tip that is between the glue and the metal tip comes off, and you can clean as needed.  If you use your wood glue daily it isn't too bad, but if you haven't used your glue for 6 months, the metal tip will definitely be plugged.

I clean both tips with a fine stainless steel straight pin and hot water.  I also store my glue applicator upside down in a shot glass.




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