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Hello to everybody

House of HollandMiniatures

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Hi Everybody, My name is Alexandra.

I build under the name: The House of Holland MIniatures.

I live in a beautiful old town near the coast in the Netherlands.

Since 2011 I started building a Dutch miniature house scale 1:12.

I always had a great interest in the history of Holland.

It seemed to me a fantastic plan to build a miniature house that begins in the 17th century and ends in the 20th century.


It seems to me so much fun to meet other people on this forum,to admire all the beautiful work of others.

For inspiration and allowing me to get more experience.


Kind regards, Alexandra


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Hi Alexandra! Great to see you here too! Hope you'll find all you're looking for here, although you're not lacking in inspiration by the looks of your work. The way you recapture the style of the 'great masters' in your miniatures, and how you set and stage your creations is wonderful. 

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Hi Debora,

Thank you very much for your compliments.

I hope that my entire Miniature House this parable may radiate these old masters.

I am so fond of the romance of the past that is displayed in these old paintings.

Because I am not building for a very long time yet,I can use a great deal of experience of others.


It's nice to be here and to see so much beautiful things here.

A quality which is so unbeatable/incredible so one of a kind.

Always a suprise.

So much inspiration, so much to learn.

sometimes I wonder if my hands can make what ever my inspiration is.


Step by step I quess (thats fun)  :)


Greetings Alexandra.

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