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SKILLS question


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If you were participating in a  beginners into class for using power tools, what would you like to learn with different power tools?



Table Saw

Band Saw

Hand Held Dremel?


If we start with a table saw, 

As an Example,  I think I needed to learn how to use a saw safely and control a board pushing wood that allows the saw blade to change the width of the board to cut the board, and the first thing that I cut using a table saw was a bunch of cherry 1/16" thick boards so I could make your own wooden floors.

Next,  I think you need to learn to make cross cuts for your lengths of wood.

Where does the fence go?

While I know my preferences... is there a right or wrong for the placement of the fence?

Can the forum community come up with a class syllabus?

Is anyone out here in forum?

What is the next skill you need to use a table saw for your miniature projects?










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I wonder if I am similar to other folks when I say that I

1) am in possession of tools I don't know how to use properly, 

2) am a generalist, so every project requires learning a new skill (which is part of the fun), and 

3) would be less hesitant to sign up for those enticing intermediate workshops which I know I could handle - if I had an introduction to more kinds of power tools first. 

So, maybe a class in the best use of, limitations of, safety tips for, and operation of all the tools you listed - and more - would be great as an introduction. Lots of us are handy, have lifetimes of experience fixing things, and are creative, but are afraid of 'the big machines'. I inherited a lathe and all the saws you mentioned but am never sure how to choose which tool or which blade to use for a given job, what all those accessories are for, or which stupid move will lose me a finger - so I stick to my mini chop saw and hand tools for the most part. Unnecessarily limiting!

Another thought: Dremel for minis, especially controlling it for fine work, could probably be a whole course in itself. I own one and could use some guidance.

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