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Hobbies for full time miniaturists?

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I came across this interesting article this morning and I think it is true, we all need a break from what we do for money. My question, when your hobby becomes a job and you make miniatures full time...as creative and fulfilling as it is, it can become stressful at times, especially when you need to finish items for a show or class that you are teaching, do any of you have something you do just as a hobby? I have been making miniatures full time now for three years...lately I find myself just not wanting to do any work on a weekend, but also haven't found anything else to do...so the time just kind of gets frittered away in doing nothing much.

Oh, I have things I want to do...but they all need a dedicated space to do them or lots of money, something I don't have at this stage...and most of them are still miniature related...porcelain doll making is one, I used to make the full size dolls, still have my kiln, china paints etc...I so wish I had an extra room that I could set up for this.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.


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Wm. R. Robertson

I think I would have to say collecting and researching antique tools would be my hobby. It is however closely related to my work as I often use the information and the tools as part of what I do.

I keep thinking about riding bikes but live on hill and am generally lazy so that doesn't happen much. I also think about restoring a vintage sports car but that is just too much work and remember I am lazy. I used to restore old machines but it has been over 20 years since I finished any of those and I still have some to work on..... Guess a 20 year rest from a hobby means you have lost interest.

I used to do On3 trains and other models but that was too much like work so I sold out them.

Maybe it is travel, but then that is basically a search for things to make and visiting friends in the miniature world......

But I'm happy and not complaining.....

Hey, maybe it is playing here on this forum?

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Warren Barnard

I've just gone through this whole issue in my life and came up with miniature trees B) , Bonsai to those in the know or Penjing which is the Chinese original version which can also include architectural detail with the tree. Unlike miniatures you are playing with a living thing that has it's own life, that you want to control, sounds like the rest of my life :D :D :D . It also will hopefully slow things down in my head because a good tree takes year'sssss to grow and every year or so you spend a few hours on it. Sounds like model making again. HELP i need a new hobby.

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Benard, you are so funny, needing a new hobby.  Scale Miniatures are the ultimate hobby... there are so many things to learn... you can miniaturize everything that exists in real life.  You could probably take up gardening in blood cold downunder, when the warmth returns, and there is always the kitchen, and being a master of food.  (yummm.) 


If you get bored, perhaps a sewing machine that is miniaturized to 1/12th scale that actually treadles?  I won't even ask for it to be electrified.


So far, I haven't tried to bake any cakes or cookies in 1/12th mini size and eat them. :)  Its summer here in the US, have to spend time in the woodshop; have an appointment set with my lathe.



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