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Hello from Niels Jalling

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Hi All

My name is Niels Jalling and I live in Frederiksberg, Denmark.
Frederiksberg is a small (85000 residents) municipality sorrounded by Copenhagen (Just like the Vatican and Rome, just we only have a mayor not a pope :-).

I have been making miniatures since around the year 2000. Many years ago while browsing the library I fell over the book "Making Miniature Furniture" by John Davenport and that looked like fun. But first many years later I met the late Barry Hipwell who inspired me to start making miniature furniture. My first piece was a scaled down copy of a chest of drawers from our diningroom with all the bells and whistles like halfblind dovetails and all the joinings like on the real one.  

Next project was a copy of a typical danish secretaire from my parents home, I have looked at that secretaire every day in my childhood. Here is three other version of a secretaire in scale 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48.  The smallest one has all the drawers dovetailed.



That  brings me to my next interest: CNC.  Since I started making miniatures I have sought for tools that makes life easier. For dovetals: dovetail jigs. For lathing: duplicator devices, etc...
If I could draw a profile on my computer then print that out and use as a template for in the duplicator, then why not skip the duplicator and let the computer control the lathe. And the same for the handwheels on my small milling machine.

The large chest is made in a Ann High class at the Guild School. The middle was made using cnc when I came home from Castine and the smallest one was made a few days ago.




Right now I am building a 3D-printer. Not for miniatures because 3D-printing at hobby-level is not good enough for miniatures. Maybe in 5 years. The 3D-printer is an easy way for making parts for some of my other dream-projects. Either can the prints be used directly or can be used as molds for casting the parts in resin or aluminium. My 3D-printer is a UltiMaker-clone.

Have fun

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Welcome Niels, going to be fun having you here on the forum.

The CNC process looks interesting and your pieces are beautiful! Although I have to say I don't think it is for me...I just love working with my hands too much.

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Welcome Niels, it is great to have you here on the forum. One thing Niels didn't mention is addition to his ground breaking work in miniature CNC is he is the owner of N. J. Hobby & Models, this is a hobby shop in Copenhagen. It is one of those rare shops where the owner is first a miniaturist and second a shop owner, in other words he knows what he is talking about when it comes to the products he offers. Also, should you visit on a Saturday there is a flea market just across the street.......

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Debora Beijerbacht

Hi Niels! Welcome & great to have you here. I've found your seminar on CNC very interesting. These new technologies bring us so many new possibilities. I've great admiration for anyone who pioneers out and takes up the challenge of discovering them.

Looking forward to see what you'll be making with your Ulti Maker-clone.

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Gerry Bacsik

Hi Niels,

As challenging as CNC & 3D printing is, its mind boggling that you build your machines too. 

I agree with Elga. this is not for everyone. At the same time the assembly & finish still needs to be done by hand.

That makes all the difference.

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Josje Veenenbos

Hello Niels,  Nice to meet you here on the forum.  The CNC work sounds very interesting, I know next to nothing about it.  It will be interesting to see your work develop over time.  

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